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Doer Biologics owns three independently developed technology platforms: xLONGylation® that simulates highly hydrophilic PEGs(Recombinant PEGs), MultiBody® based on the principle of“fit-for-purpose”, and AccuBody® that aims at improving safety, which fully support the biopharmaceutical development in various fields.

xLONGylation®--recombinant PEG-like polypeptide platform

     A xLONG unit is a polypeptide chain designed and expressed with protein engineering technology. It mimics the structure of PEG and has similar properties as PEG: with high hydration radius and low immunogenicity, as well as biodegradable. Once xLONG is fused to a target protein, fusion protein's hydration radius can be extended significantly, which extends the target protein's half-life in vivo. The extended radius is dependent on the number of xLONG unit and the way of fusion, which can be adjusted based on the needs.

MultipleBody®--Multi-targeted biotherapeutics

      For metabolic diseases or cancers, monotherapy is usually not potent enough due to the complexity of the diseases. MultiBody® is a technology combining domains with different functions into a single molecule, for a better potency. Due to the complexity of the disease, the selection of the functional domains is the key for this technology.

AccuBody®--Accurately activated antibody for precision tumor therapy

     According to the EPR (Enhanced permeability and retention) effect, xLONG fused protein drugs can be accurately delivered into tumor tissues due to their significant hydration radius. Meanwhile, xLONG blocks the interaction between protein drug and its target due to its large apparent size. The blockade can be removed by tumor-specific protease (TSP) because of the presence of TSP recognition site between xLONG and its fused partner. Therefore, for an Accubody® based protein drug, it will be specifically delivered to and only functions in tumor tissues, which makes it superior in cancer treatments.

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