Doer Biologics CEO invited as speaker at BIT 2021


    On April 8-9, 2021, the 2021 4th BIT conference was successfully finished in Shanghai. Dr. Yanshan Huang , founder and CEO of Doer Biologics, was invited as a speaker in this meeting.

     With the theme of "Biopharmaceutical Innovation and Cooperation", this conference invited more than 80 famous speakers from multinational biopharmaceutical industries , domestic well-known pharmaceutical companies, innovative drug rookies, and well-known investment institutions to share their perspective for global innovative drugs.

During the two-day conference, outstanding corporate executives from the innovative biopharmaceutics industry brought 37 wonderful lectures and 9 round-table discussions, and contributed a wonderful collision of ideas. The conference focused on the four major forum themes of innovative targets & bispecific antibodydevelopment, entrepreneurial strategy practice, monoclonal antibody & ADC development, innovation cooperation & newcomers in the pharmaceutical industry, focusing on biological drug innovation and corporate cooperation.

      Dr. Huang presided over the roundtable discussion on the“Discussion on the Selection of Bispecific Antibody Targets and Combination Strategies” on the morning of April 8th, on the development trend of bispecific antibodies at home and abroad, target selection and combination strategies, and the future prospects of bispecific antibodies, etc. The hot topic had full communication with five forum guests, and also introduced some thoughts and explorations in the field of differential development of bispecific antibody by Doer Biologics.

      Doer Biologics is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development of innovative drugs with an our proprietary platform, focusing on the development of innovative biopharmaceutics in the fields of metabolic diseases and cancer. We developed xLONGylation®--recombinant PEG-like platform, MultipleBody®--multi-domain platform and AccuBody®--accurately release of activity in tumor environment, and other original platform technologies that are the cornerstone of the company's products. Our goal is to develop a new generation of more effective and safer biopharmaceuticals and provide better treatments for unmet clinical needs.

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