Dr. Huang was invited to Biomedical Innovation R&D Forum 2020




      On October 24th, the Biomedical Innovation R&D Project Roadshow Forum 2020 was held in Hangzhou Bay, Ningbo. Dr. Yanshan Huang, founder and CEO of Doer Biologics, was invited by the organizing committee to attend the forum.

      A number of top experts and scholars from the domestic biomedical field gathered in this forum. Everyone expressed their opinions and they not only introduced the latest trends in the development of international biologics but also discussed the development strategies of Chinese biopharmaceutical companies targeting the Chinese market. Among them, many guests mentioned that multispecific biological drugs will be an important direction for future drug development. More than 10 experts from pharmaceutical companies and scientific research institutes participated in the road show to introduce their latest research results and scientific research projects. Dr. Huang made a wonderful speech on the progress and practice of innovative multispecific protein drugs. Multi-domain-based multispecific protein drugs are a main direction of Doer in new drug development. Dr. Huang shared the experience and achievements in this field and its novel design and excellent preclinical results aroused discussions among the participants.



      Doer Biologics will always keep the serious and rigorous "Doer" scientist spirit, and make contributions to human health with diligent and innovative work! 

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