[An interview with Dr. Huang] Exclusive experience in the development of innovative multispecific fusion protein drugs




      Macromolecular protein drug is one of the most important fields in the development of innovative drugs in recent years. Compared with traditional single-target protein drugs, multispecific fusion protein drugs are often accompanied with better efficacy and higher developability. At the same time, multispecific fusion protein drugs mostly have complex spatial conformations, short half-lives in vivo, and difficult molecular designs, which poses great challenges for new drug researchers. Therefore, the selection of targets, the design of molecules, and the solution to the technical and technological problems in the development of multispecific protein drugs are issues that innovative biopharmaceutical development companies must consider in order to reduce the risk of project research.

       At the 7th BioCon China International Biopharmaceutical Conference to be held at Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Center for International Sourcing from July 7th to 9th, the organizing committee had the honor to interview Dr. Yanshan Huang, founder and CEO of Zhejiang Doer  Biologics Corporation in advance. Dr. Huang shared with them his unique insights on how to screen valuable drug targets, rationally design the structure, solve the problems in the vivo half-life and increase the developability of drug in the development of multi-domain protein drugs.


      Dr. Huang will also share in-depth on "Development of a long-acting GLP-1/GCG/FGF21 tri-agonist "  at the  Session of Novel Protein and Antibody Discovery and Application in the 7th BioCon International Biopharmaceutical Conference.


Dr. Yanshan Huang

Founder/CEO of Zhejiang Doer Biologics Corporation


      Dr. Yanshan Huang worked in Hangzhou Jiuyuan Genetic Engineering Co., Ltd. as the company’s chief scientist and research institute director before. He completed the project establishment, preclinical development, clinical transformation, and marketing of the first domestic G-CSF (trade name Jilifen). In 2008, as one of the co-founders, he founded Jiangsu Taikang Biomedicine Co., Ltd. , and served as the company's senior vice president, responsible for building and managing the company's technology platform, project development, and clinical transformation. He successfully presided over the development of a number of innovative biological drugs and  biosimilars. Among them, three innovative biologic drugs including GW003 (rHSA/G-CSF fusion protein), GW002 (rhGLP-1/HSA fusion protein) and TK001 (anti-VEGFmAb) and a biosimilar TK006 (denosumab biosimilar) all obtained clinical approvals during this period. His effort eventually contributed to the acquisition of Taikang Biology by a well-known domestic pharmaceutical company with hundreds of millions of RMB in 2015. In 2014, he founded Zhejiang Doer Biologics Corporation in Hangzhou and served as the company's CEO, dedicated to the development and clinical transformation of innovative multispecific protein drugs.



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